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George Kohlrieser is an internationally recognized expert on leadership, award-winning bestselling author, consultant, media commentator and motivational speaker. In his role as Professor of Leadership and Organizational Behavior at IMD business school in Switzerland he draws on 40 years of experience as a psychologist and veteran hostage negotiator. He is acclaimed for introducing the hostage metaphor to leadership development.

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George Kohlrieser ‏@gkohlrieser  Oct 19
Don't be a prisoner to your past. “I insist on being called a survivor, not a victim. A victim … means I somehow belong to somebody or I'm suffering because of him. I'm not suffering. I'm thriving.” - Adrianne Haslet, a dance instructor and survivor of the Boston bombing

George Kohlrieser ‏@gkohlrieser  Oct 18
Thank you to all the coaches in the Netherlands who attended our soldout Masterclass on “Secure Base Coaching: How true bonding leads to unseen changes”. Special thanks as well to @JakobvanWielink for organizing such a wonderful event. https://t.co/DYMQl8Qa65